About Us

The Sustainability Academy is a non-profit, leading sustainability platform that works to be effective in shaping a better future in the business world and to create change and transformation in this way.

As the Sustainability Academy, our aim is to bring into action all stakeholders for a better future and to be a bridge for all activities that will enable them to achieve results in this direction.

The continuity of the business world in the new world order now depends on the business models in which environmental impacts are measured as well as economic activities, critical issues are addressed by considering social development, and continuous change is encouraged through innovative approaches.

In line with this purpose, our most important values ​​are to act transparently and impartially with human-oriented ethics, to work with collaboration and to create common value.

Our ethical values, transparent and neutral stance and the principle of inclusiveness that keeps competitors together is utmost importance to us. For this reason, we do not establish any bounded service relationship that will create conflict with our other activities and question our transparency.

For 12 years with the principle of “Change is Possible Together”, we carry out our works with all our stakeholders as a learning, communication and collaboration platform that creates common value and develop projects to shed light on the future with sustainable business models aming at benefit and profitability.

We guide the business world towards a better future in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
As the business world directs this change, we guide them as opinion leaders, define the parameters, work areas, and tools that will accelerate the transformation, identify stakeholders for collaborations that will increase the impact by creating shared value, and develop projects and build platforms that inspire the growth of good practices.

We believe that the four most important factors for change and transformation are learning, motivation, correct expression and network communication.
For 12 years, our comprehensive expertise in sustainability, our strong network with our stakeholders, the accumulation of all the transformative works we have carried out with organizations, brands and other stakeholders with the aim of benefit and profitability constitute the basis of our identity as an expert reference address in sustainability.

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