Carbon Footprint

Climate change is at our doorstep, and the transition to a low-carbon economy presents a significant opportunity for business. You can make a difference by carrying out your activities within the scope of carbon emissions with conscious strategies.

With corporate and / or individual carbon footprint balancing solutions, our work provides you the opportunity to create awareness in individuals and increase your brand reputation while fulfilling your responsibilities towards the ecosystem.

As responsible brands working for a better future, we invite you for collaborations within the scope of the carbon footprint of your activities.

Corporate Carbon Footprint

  • All internal and external events (seminar, conference, press conference, stakeholder & dealers meeting, etc.)
  • Non-production activities, offices
  • Business travels, company vehicle uses, etc.
  • Printed materials (brochures, reports, etc.)


We calculate the carbon emission amount resulting from your activities, and balance your carbon footprint by planting trees in cooperation with the Aegean Forest Foundation.

Karbon Ayak İzi
Karbon Ayak İzi

Individual Carbon Footprint

As responsible brands, you can contribute to a better future while creating value for your stakeholders. You can balance the individual carbon emissions of your employees, suppliers, customers, business partners and all other stakeholders by planting trees and give them a Carbon Footprint Certificate.

Individual carbon footprint balancing options:

  • Carbon footprint balancing for 1 month
  • Carbon footprint balancing for 3 months
  • Carbon footprint balancing for 6 months
  • Carbon footprint balancing for 1 year

We balance the carbon footprint by planting trees in cooperation with the Aegean Forest Foundation in order to raise awareness of individuals on combating climate change and to increase their motivation by developing a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

You can lead and guide them in this transformation.

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