Equality for Women at Work Certificate

Sustainability Academy with cooperation with Intertek, is certifying companies and institutions who are providing equal rights and opportunities to women at work.  It is aimed that the equitable approaches of private companies, NGOs and municipalities that are entitled to the certificate will support the transformation in this direction.

Intertek, who will audit the companies for this certificate, is active in over 100 countries in assurance, testing, inspection and certification in various sectors.  

5 main topics of certificate audits; Management System, Recruitment and Employment, Occupational Health and Safety, Supply Chain and Social Impact.

Our most fundamental goal is to ensure that the practices that enable organizations qualify for certification are sustainable and open to continuous improvement. The validity period of the certificate is 2 years.

İş'te Eşit Kadın

The evaluation methodology of the Equality for Women at Work Certificate was created according to our principles of equality in business life:

  • Ensuring gender equality and non-discrimination
  • A strong management system against discrimination
  • Providing safe working environment
  • Setting mechanisms to stop violence and abuse
  • Informing the supply chain about company policies
  • Involvement of all stakeholders for solutions


Organizations that have received the Equality for Women at Work Certificate work to create the most suitable work environment for all their employees, regardless of gender. With these approaches, they make a significant difference in becoming the preferred strong employer brand.


Organizations that have documented their equitable and progressive policies also have a competitive advantage in establishing new collaborations and receiving investments.

We invite your organization to receive the Equality for Women at Work Certificate for employee satisfaction, being preferred for new talents, coming forward in new cooperation opportunities, benefiting from the economic contributions of gender equality and supporting a fair society order.

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