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About Green Check Certificate

Sustainability Academy, a leading non-profit sustainability center working to be effective and create change and transformation in shaping a better future in the business world, brought together the forces of Bureau Veritas, the world leader in testing, inspection and certification services; Implemented the Green Check Certificate!

The Green Check Certificate is a certification program developed to validate and promote businesses’ green commitments and achievements in sustainable business practices.

Institutions that have received the Green Check Certificate open their work on environmental sensitivity to a transparent audit process;

  • Sustainable competitive advantage in the industry​
  • Aligning their work with today’s values​
  • Gain new customers​
  • Ability to offer new products and services​
  • Increased customer satisfaction (NPS)​
  • Increased corporate reputation​
  • Increased profitability​
  • Governance standards​
  • Have sustainable business advantages.
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