with Sustainable Business Models

To shed light on a better future with our principle of “Change Is Possible Together”, we carry out our works in the axis of sustainable business models aiming at providing value and growth under 4 main areas:
Learning, Motivation, Network & Communication, Content Lab for Sustainability.

Sürdürülebilirlik Akademisi Sürdürülebilir Kalkınma Amaçları

Who We Are?

Sustainability Academy is a non-profit, leading sustainability platform that works to be effective in shaping a better future in business and to create change and transformation in this way.

For 12 years, our comprehensive expertise in sustainability, our strong network with our stakeholders, the accumulation of all the transformative works we have carried out with organizations, brands and other stakeholders with the aim of benefit and profitability constitute the basis of our identity as an expert reference address in sustainability.

Global Sustainable Brands Community Turkey Partner

We are the Turkey partner of the world’s largest global sustainable brands community since 2012.




In line with the Sustainable Development Goals, we define the needs of today’s business world and design corporate and open training courses to accelerate sustainable business and brand transformation.

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Sürdürülebilirlik ve SDG Yol Haritaları

Sustainability & SDG Roadmaps

The business world has the potential to create significant change beyond its limits for a better future. In order to reveal this potential in the best way, we guide companies in their sustainability journey.

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Sustainability Academy BUYEM

BÜYEM Certificate Program

We provide certificate programs in cooperation with Boğaziçi University Lifelong Learning Center (BUYEM) in order to train new generation brand leaders who will lead for a better future and a better life.

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Sustainable Brands Turkey

Sustainable Brands Turkey

The Sustainable Brands, our international partnership, is the world’s leading learning, collaboration and communication platform of the 21st century for brands and innovative opinion leaders worldwide.

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Yeşil İş 2021

Green Business: Sustainable Business Summit

The strongest sustainability platform of Turkey brought the idea of change to the agenda of the business world with its outstanding content since 2009, by bringing together all the stakeholders from public, academia, national and international organizations.

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2023 SB Brand- Led

Brand-Led Culture Change

SB Turkey Brand-Led Culture Change reveals how to drive good growth by shifting consumer demand and encouraging sustainable lifestyles. Gather the insights, relationships and tools

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İklim Değişikliği Zirvesi

The Climate Change Summit – After COP26

The business world has the ability and responsibility to develop solutions to mitigate and adapt to climate change. It is an inevitable necessity to establish a clear and consistent climate policy through dialogue and global cooperation between the business world and all stakeholders for actions and investments…

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Sürdürülebilir Gıda Platformu

Sustainable Food Platform

We create common value with all stakeholders of food sector to guide the industry while developing a sustainable and inclusive development model for “better food” with the goal of healthy, reliable and sustainable food for today and future generations.

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Sürdürülebilir Gıda Zirvesi

Sustainable Food Summit

Based on the goal of sustainable, healthy, reliable and accessible food for everyone, we bring the food industry together under the same roof since 2015 in order to accelerate change and transformation in food systems on the axis of sustainable production and consumption.

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We organize webinars that will create social awareness for your organization. With these webinars, you can share the most up-to-date topics in your industry, latest developments in your products and services, project launches and sustainability practices with your target audience. Contact us to create awareness for your brand!

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Stakeholder Meetings & Workshops

Stakeholder Meetings & Workshops

We organize multi-sector and multi-stakeholder workshops & meetings, where the opinions and suggestions of all stakeholders are received. This is the crucial and important first step in creating roadmaps for positive global changes covering all sectors and sustainable business models that create permanent common value.

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Sürdürülebilir İş Ödülleri

Sustainable Business Awards

The Sustainability Oscars of Turkey, highlight the projects that have created significant impacts by managing the economic, environmental and social impacts of the organizations each year; by enabling these projects to be role models, it encourages change and accelerates the transition to sustainable business models.

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Karbon Ayak İzi

Carbon Footprint

Within the scope of combating climate change, we carry out studies where you can create awareness with corporate or individual carbon footprint balancing solutions and increase your brand reputation while fulfilling your responsibilities towards the ecosystem.

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Yeşillenen Oteller

Greening Hotels

We undertake the responsibility of carrying out the certification process in the Greening Hotels project with the aim of increasing the sustainability awareness of the tourism sector and the environmental sensitivity motivations of the accommodation facilities.

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Content Lab for Sustainability

Content Lab for Sustainability is an initiative that combines the leadership and expertise of the Sustainability Academy, which has been undertaken for 12 years in the field of sustainability, with creative and innovative solutions.

The aim of this initiative is to produce solutions for companies and brands in the light of innovative and creative approaches for change in the business world and to design a positive effect together.